Trains Collide in Chennai - Mystery prevails

The train accident in Chennai is shocking to say the least. According to the media accounts and from what we get to hear from somebody who seems to be from the establishment, some unauthorized miscreants took the train that was supposed to go to Tiruvallur and started the train ahead of schedule.
Southern Railway General Manager MS Jayanth said the train started "unauthorisedly" half-an-hour earlier than scheduled and went on a wrong line, colliding with a departmental train hauling empty wagons. Speculation is already on the rise and there are even terrorist group colours are being given to the incident.

There are some very fundamental things which I fail to understand. I have been always fascinated by trains and a die hard fan of some of the train simulator computer games. Having traveled in the train which had been taken for the 'joy ride' for almost 4 years and out of interest, there has been a basic understanding of how these trains work which makes me wonder about the reasons being given for this accident.

First and foremost, driving a train is not a joke. Its quite a confusing task given the number of parameters to be checked before even moving the train and the entire process is just complex that if you don't have a formal training it is next to impossible to drive a train. Secondly the kind of systems that the Indian railways has in place, a train being smuggled away silently without attracting anyone's attention is simply seems implausible. The train has gone on to collide head on with a train and that means there has been a lapse somewhere. If the goods train, which was at the receiving end, has been on the right track and as per schedule somebody has been observing its movements and approved the route and track and other associated things. Now the suburban electrical multiple unit (EMU) has passed through two stations. From my general observation I can recognize that there are enough mechanisms inside every stations which forewarn about an approaching train and the signal systems are also interlinked to this. As the train approaches the station's limits there is some form of an indication or the other to the person in charge. In spite of passing through Basin Bridge, which is one of the most important stations in the route, the train has by and large remained unnoticed until it collided.

I would follow the probe closely to understand how exactly this happened or is there some sort cover up is being attempted. Whatever reasons the railways is giving till now is simply unbelievable.