Rural Energy Project

The Indian Youth Climate Network has recently launched the first Rural Energy Project, a project that is going to bring light in the lives of 70 families of landless labourers in a village in Coimbatore, TamilNadu. This could potentially save the money they spend on fossil fuels for lighting and there by become sustainable too.

The technical details are -- MGR Nagar: 75 homes. Families below the poverty line. Profile: landless laborers. Access to drinking water: two times every month. 5 homes have access to electricity there. Most homes are informally constructed. With the help of Shanti Ashram, the villagers collected money (Rs. 600) to purchase the lanterns (they were subsidized).

The Sunflower (Solar Lantern): A remarkable product made by DGESL. Solar-LED technology. Can last up to 14 hours of continued use without diminishing quality of light (life of LED= 50 years). Solar panel (5W), 6v. (20 year warranty). Lux output: 75 lux @600mm (exceeds MNRE specification). Efficiency is greater than 92% (exceeds the MNRE specification). Battery--will last 1.5 years max and can be purchased anywhere for Rs. 130. There's a guarantee on repairs for up to a year by DGESL.

Next step would be taking this forward and make it a model village of sustainable development.

P.S. Those who might be confused as to why I am writing this, I am involved with the Indian Youth Climate Network for quite sometime.