the come back

At last, i've managed to gather my thoughts and pen this blog.  There are a plethora of reason why i have been so infrequent with my blog.  In short, life has taken a sharp turn and has become too busy in a short span and every now and then i find myself standing at a cross road and taking some vital decision.  Nevertheless, it is exciting like never before.  A bit of responsibility, a bit of expectation and a lot of new opportunities is how I can sum up and generalize what I've been upto these days.

Though i havent been updating my blog, i havent quit writing.  I have written a couple of articles and published them in a couple of websites.

Here are something which are dominating my thought process these days.

The unusual rise of the stock markets (23% in 11 sessions) and the deep cut it took today... Conspiracy theories are already making rounds, equating it to the G20 conference scheduled on the 2nd of April.  Dr. Manmohan Singh is also attending it and the outcome of the meeting, if not solve the economic crisis, is sure to make the markets shoot up or plunge again.  Fingers crossed.

The general elections are due and we are just about a fortnight away from the first phase of polling.  I term this elections as dirty politics at its best.  Till date, i have not come across any political party foucssing on the many different problems in hand.  Instead Varun Gandhi's speech is hogging the prime time,  just the way the political masters wanted and the media running after TRPs falling prey to the plans.

Isn't this ironical in the world's largest democracy? (or is it one of the characteristics) We are in very interesting times, where one makes all kinds of statements on air and get what one wants out of it and come out the next day and say that it was not done by him/her but somebody has doctored the incident.  This is not about any single incident and every political party has a incident or two to its credit.

India is having a gala time in New Zealand.  After a long time, test cricket is back at its best.  Though i havent been able to follow them as closely as i used to but still it is a feel good factor to see India doing well.  More so in a stage where the IPL has been making news for some time before it finally was shifted out of India.  If somebody denies the fact that they have done everything to cash in on the ad revenues they could make by airing the matches at 4 pm and 7 pm during the summer vacations, he is obviously a IPL fanatic.

And not to forget the Conficker worm which is deemed to be a timebomb in waiting and is all set to explode on the 1st of April.  Of late, i have become a fan of spam mails and the way they operate and started digging a bit deeper into it and am simply fascinated by the sophistication of the conficker worm.  Beware, you may also be carrying the worm and check with microsoft or anti virus sites to secure yourself.

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Anonymous said...

I'm dying to see what happens next when it comes to the elections! Truly, it isnt the dirtiest politics played!

But it also saddens me to know that I'm a mere spectator!