linux at last

I am on linux, finally. A full fledged operating system replacing or substituting windows.

There were days when simply out of interest and curiosity i tried to get Linux going in my computers and i was fairly successful to the extent that i was able to partition the drives and install a working version of Red Hat Linux but i couldn't replace microsoft windows, the reason being the various components couldnt be configured properly and the reasons were not too complicated. Either there were not drivers or people were simply apprehensive about it.

Now, i have installed Ubuntu and i must say that Linux has gone through a sea change. From being a complex mechanism to work with and limited to only a select few who had the knowledge to tweak the driver files and it was highly technical, to say the least, Linux today has evolved so much and is user friendly in the true sense of the term.

The ubuntu installation can be obtained free of cost, either in the form of CD's by registering with their site or can be downloaded from the same. Installing it was also not a problematic issue either, unlike the past. Ubuntu supports NTFS file system which is a highlight. This is particularly of use to the normal windows user as the windows installations in the last 2 years, normally have an NTFS partition.

The interface is just cool and has been designed exceptionally well to give the same look and feel and the ease of use which windows may provide. Summing up, Ubuntu is a total hit with me, discounting the few network issues and driver issues.


rahul said...

cool dude the blog looks nice!!

Dr. N. said...

Hi Baby. Fantastic