Story -3

I was half way through.

The voices from below are quite audible. Though backed by different thought processes, the voices tried to convince me to stop moving ahead and come down. Some cited that it is not a normal practice to do things the way I was doing and discourage me, while others sounded caution by detailing the impending perils, if something goes wrong during the pursuit. Amongst these voices, I was able to see those handful of people who were behind me in this act and sporting appreciation in their faces.

This isn't the first time I am hearing such comments. Situations vary but the essence remains the same. Some see me as abnormal, some felt that I do risky things in life, to name a few. May be I am not averse to taking a risk and exploring things.

Suddenly I realized that I lost pace and decided to step up things failing which I risk going back to square one. Moments later I could see the top.

As I approached the top, I could see a host of people standing there and the grim and stern looks on their faces said it all. They also seemed to share the same view about what I had just done but nobody can now discourage me. I recollected how it all started with the challenge of a friend "can you climb to the next floor in a descending escalator?".

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rahul said...

To read the top one has to take risks :)))

Good one bro..keep it up!!!