A tribute to Benazir - but have things really changed ?

Today is one of the saddest days in the world's history. Exactly a year ago, on this same date, Benazir Bhutto was brutally assassinated during a campaign rally in Rawalpindi. There was a loud hue and cry following the incident. The responses ranged from a call to book the real culprits to crack down on the insurgents/perpetrators behind the whole incident.

A year later, if we sit back and see what has been done, one finds that the outcome is literally nothing.

Following the assassination a lot of things changed or so it appeared. Her widower, Asif Ali Zardari became the President of Pakistan, her son made entry into politics and her party did manage to form a civilian government in Pakistan. But still the incident of this magnitude dint have any significant outcome. Neither has the situation improved while it appears to have deteriorated further nor has the perpetrators been brought to the books, despite the talks of constituting an international body to investigate and find out those who are behind the crime.

"In the tradition of a true Bhutto, she faced certain death rather than abandon her principles or the people," Zardari said in a message to the nation to mark the anniversary.
"The tyrants and the killers have killed her but they shall never be able to kill her ideas, which drove and inspired a generation to lofty aims," he said, adding that democracy was the only way to fight militancy.

One wonders what is the significance of these statements considering the fact that there is very little visible progress. For a person like Benazir Bhutto, whichever political ideology she belonged to or whatever be her past records, this is not the way one should die and definitely deserves due justice. While that remains a big question mark still, these statements appear to me as mere mockery.

Things are not very different in other parts of the world and India is not an exception to this. If we dig the last year's history there are enough instances of many such incidents which raised a lot of noise across the spectrum, the media channels fighting for the highest TRP ratings through the prime time discussion shows with a lot of experts (read so called), the media trials, the concocted stories, the shamelessly telecasted fake mms clips and the character assassination of a little girl...... but, how many of them are still remembered today ? What is the outcome of all the frenzy ? Probably one should agree to the fact that “public memory is short lived”


Anonymous said...

Persistence and perseverance are two things unknown to the masses... We see, we hear, we make noise for a day and forget it...Things go on ..history repeats and keeps repeating..Unless someone is brave enough to break this cycle..

rahul said...

Here's Wishing you a very happy and prosperous '09!!!!!