Blue line blues

Every single trip in the Delhi buses is a unique story on its own and one learns a great number lessons from it. Recently during a couple of such trips, i came across these incidents which made me ponder over them and i still am.

A woman, appearing to be in her late thirties or early forties was standing towards the rear of the bus. The conductor was issuing tickets in the over crowded bus and was moving towards the back of the bus. I ain't sure what exactly provoked her but suddenly an argument broke out, in fact it was not a simple argument but the woman started shouting on the top of her voice. From what i understand, i believe that the conductor has asked her for the ticket fare and she said that she is standing in a crowded bus, holding her daughter in one arms and may not be comfortable to take out the money and is not proper of him to ask for it and the conductor had replied that her dignity was in her hands. The woman went on abusing him and the conductor apologised to her and literally tears were rolling out of his eyes while the woman demanded the bus be stopped in a Police Station. After a while she went silent and started to move towards the front side of the bus. When the bus stopped she got down with her daughter and walked away, without paying the fare.

The same bus, but a few days later. A young man was standing in the front side of the bus and the bus was nearing a busy bus stop. The conductor came to the front and requested everybody move a little inwards so that women can alight comfortably. This person remained defiant. He maintained he needn't move and there is no small deal of discomfort he will cause. The conductor first pleaded and said he never meant to insult him but just he wanted to make more space for women passengers. Then he tried to raise his voice and finally he forcibly pushed the person a couple of inches backwards. As the driver slammed the brakes, this young man finally stepped back due to the pushes. Nevertheless, he still maintained that he was right and that he standing there would never have caused any discomfort to anyone.

I am not going to draw any inference or pass judgment on anybody's actions. It simply is a window to the thought process of people. Everybody involved in all these incidents seem to be right and have a valid case. The thing which makes me ponder is that, in both the incidents, there were enough opportunities that would have avoided the incident spiraling into a problem. Even if one of the players had relented a bit, there would not have been this ugly scene created. May be i am also guilty to the extent that i could have facilitated one of those opportunities while i chose to remain a mute spectator.

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Anonymous said...

I dont know whether you could have something or not, but traveling by Mumbai trains has taught me a lot... The kind of words (read : abuses ) used by so called decent women make me cringe..