Atlast, i have decided to break the shackles of laziness and other restricting factors and make a comeback into the world of blogging. It has been quite some time since i blogged last, more than a month. The last month had been so eventful, filled with some life altering events (people who know what it was will and some great learning experiences which is going to be the theme of the next couple of blogs.

During this period, i had the opportunity to go on a tour, the most hectic and the well planned and executed so far in my life. When talking to one of my pals, he was very eager to know more about the places and towns (majorly in Tamilnadu) and gave me the idea of writing a travelogue about the entire trip.

A brief overview of the trip - The trip was on the cards for a long time and in fact, tickets for the onward journey had been booked well in advance (about 75 days in advance). The purpose of the trip was to attend a marriage, get some governmental work done (which requires one's physical presence and a couple of other personal works. But due to some sudden and unforeseen changes, the trip had to be stripped off of its last 4 days, which made things very hectic. I travelled about more than 5000km on rail and road over a period of 14 days exactly and covered some interior parts of Tamilnadu.

Rest to be followed soon.... Get ready for the journey ahead.. gonna be hectic :)


Gauri Gharpure said...

the post is like showing a carrot to a rabbit.. looking fwd to the journey you had.. and i must say tht ws indeed a very very long break!

suren said...

true... and i am happy to have survived this break .... this kind of a break had proved fatal for my previous blogs and that's precisely why i wrote this post ;)