obesity vs presidency

Presidential Election in the US has been hogging the media limelight for quite a while now and I suppose it will continue till one is finally chosen. Several serious and contentious contemporary issues are dominating the political debate this time around like the withdrawal of forces, alternate energy, economic crisis, sub prime woes, unemployment and the whole world will look forward to the views of the two, one of whom is set to occupy the one of the most powerful offices in the world.

There was an article in British news paper, “The Sunday Times”, which read “Obama might be too thin and too fit to appeal to voters who tend to like candidates with flaws that they can identify with”, quoting a article published in The Wall Street Journal. The article goes on commenting about the obesity data in America and how Obama could be at loss due to his fit physique and further delving into his life style, food habits etc.

If factors like these are going to decide the voting pattern, in the so called and much celebrated “meritocratic society”, I would rather say it is no different or even worse than primordial factors like caste, family, kinship deciding the voting pattern. What say?


Anonymous said...

Yeah...Ever thought that being fit may actually make a mis fit???

rahul said...

very true buddy..now factors like these are the new age prejudices :P