technology and language

The following is a rough reconstruction of a casual conversation between a friend and me (represented by A and B respectively).

A: hi, how are you doing?

B: I am good how about you?

A: great

B: been to college?

A: yes…. tired after traveling up and down

B: hmm

A: brb

B: ok

A: m back… had to close all the open widows

B: oh! use firefox na

A: yup

B: version 3 is out

A: oh is it good

B: it is … moreover you can open many tabs in a single window rather than many windows

A: arre…. I meant the physical windows, the windows in the house

B: lol

A: else mosquitoes will invade… so closed everything

B: weird coincidence… have to blame bill gates for naming this as windows :p

Funny! Isn’t it? Even I brushed it off as humor, on the first instance but on the hindsight, it left me wondering about the impact of technology on our lifestyle and now language also. If we make a simple analysis, we might be able to figure out the scale of the impact. “Mail me”, “message me”, “call me” are something, which I can recollect as I write this but I am sure there is much more to it. No?


mindbodysoul said...

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Gauri Gharpure said...

have tagged you..

rahul said...

:) I understand where this is coming from!!!

Prachi said...


well written.... :D....maybe even i wud have thot abt the windows B referred to. strange!!

suren said...

lol.... that B was none other than I,ME,MYSELF ;)

mansi said...

good one ther...waise i too had such a conv some yrs bck..wen ma frnd askd me my mail addr...and i spontaneously gave him my email addr...wen he meant my ghar ka addr.....;)