I was Tagged... 1st proper personal blog i guess

Gauri has tagged me. I should thank her for this as I have accomplished something that I have been thinking to do for quite sometime but was finding myself only too lazy to do it. I wanted to import the posts from my previous blog but since blogger wont allow it, unlike wordpress. Since the tag demanded that I should relate the keywords to the previous posts, it got me working and I ended up finding the way to import. (It in itself is worth another post). Btw this entire post was not an easy exercise for me. Probably the one which the maximum time.

Though I am going to complete the tag, I am not very sure as to how much I would meet the basic criteria of the blog, as I am not used to writing personal posts. I did write something personal but they are largely related to me and very little about others’. Nevertheless, I will make use of this opportunity to write those, which I haven’t written before.

Family: Something that I have not really written about. At best, there could be some passing references here and there about my mom accompanying me somewhere or meeting my brother after some time. Talking about my family, in my case it doesn’t refer to my parents alone but a whole host of people from my dad’s brothers to my maternal uncle, every single person is equally important to me and I have borrowed a trait or two from each. Even if modernity breaks the traditional joint family and takes us towards a nuclear family, technology ensures that jointness is not dying anytime soon and I have lived(ing) through it.

This post probably has a few references to my family.

Friends: They have been my lifeline and will continue to be. Life would have been so different but for their presence. My personal opinion is that friendship is the most beautiful thing a human being can posses and could lead to amazing things in life. Again, here too I don’t find many posts I can relate to but as the tag demands I may choose the blog directly below this as one which mentions about a conversation I had with a friend but not about the person per se.

Yourself: After having imported the old posts, I am able to visualize the change in my perceptions in a variety of issues. When I read some of them, I can see the influence sociology and some of my friends have had on me in the recent past. It seems as if I am discovering myself and this blog is a reflection of that fact, more so when seen in a comparative perspective with respect to my previous writings.

For example, in this post I have talked about changing food habits and vegetarianism but now when I see it from a environmental stress and limited resources perspective, I now believe it is better to be a vegetarian. There isn’t a separate post where i have written it

This post is a bit philosophical I guess which I wrote in the fit of the moment after reading an article in the newspaper. Rightly the column was named Inner Voice.

Love: Something that is rarely found in its purest form and I am happy to have some genuine people around me. But sadly enough, there aren’t posts about them except a few passing references here and there. Probably I am a little weak when it comes to expressing love and emotions in words and writing but I also believe that when it is from your heart it reaches the destination without any big obstacles.

Anything I like: I like clicking pictures for which my other blog needs to be checked http://thedigitali.blogspot.com/. Being a software professional by education, I like to tweak with a code here and there and most of the times it is this blog template itself. Out of everything I like, I think the most influential one is my liking for sociology and I feel it somehow finds its presence in most of the posts I have been writing since I started learning the subject, which in itself was purely by chance.


Gauri Gharpure said...

glad you took up the tag. I know this is a very time consuming one, with all the linking stuff... I hope you forward this meme too to your other blog friends...

suren said...

time consuming it was but worth the effort definitely... will keep up the spirit of the tag :)

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