Federer Syndrome and the Wimbeldon

"The Federer Syndrome, a severely distressing and painfully debilitating condition that can lead to abject public humiliation, is a rather common affliction in men’s tennis today. Symptoms vary but sufferers normally experience a suddenly diminished sense of self-belief, a shocking inability to come to terms with reality, and, typically, tend to harbour the illusion that the enemy is really a friend.

The condition — a variation of the Stockholm Syndrome — is so named because it generally strikes men when they happen to be standing across the net from Roger Federer and conducting serious business in a major tournament. Even players who are renowned for their mental strength are not immune to the ravages of the Federer Syndrome, as the Aussie Lleyton Hewitt found out in the 122nd Wimbledon championships on Monday." wrote Nirmal Shekar for The Hindu on 1st July.

The semifinal match with Marat Safin of Russia reiterated this fact. Safin, being the first Russian to reach the semifinal stage, was expected to give a tough fight atleat. Given the fact that he ousted the no.3 Djokovic of Serbia made one imagine of a good contest. In the end, the match turned out to be a lopsided affair with Federer setting the trend early in the first set itself when he took a 4-1 lead in about 7 minutes from the start of play and the rest of the match was more or less on the same lines except for the 2nd set which went to a tie breaker.

Now, the stage is big. Federer has reached the 6th consecutive Wimbledon final and has to fight it out with the in-form Rafa, who is also playing marvelous tennis this season. The contest eventually boils down the mental toughness with both of them excelling in all the shots and strokes that are in their inventory. Look out for the Federer's Serve and Rafa's Volley.


rahul said...

hey nice template..and yeah the finale is gonna be awesome!!!

Prabha Mohan said...

what a big blow for all federer fans! i am seriously depressed

suren said...

so am i prabha... but we gotta give the credit to rafa fir his game n hope for a resurgence in the olympics and us open