The possibility of a social crisis after an attack is a more serious problem than the actual attack itself and triggering such a crisis would be the motive of an attack. Fortunately this doesn’t happen in India often. Unfortunately attacks happen and is fast becoming more of a regular phenomenon.
One point, which did not get much of a highlight in the media is, why Jaipur was the chosen city to stage the attack. Neither was I much concerned of this fact but the moment one steps into the city, it is impossible to go without noticing the uniqueness of the city, the very fact for the city being the target. “Pink city”, as it is referred is truly pink. Every building inside the city carries on the tradition of the pink city and painting the exteriors pink. Even the mosque, which is generally painted white and green following their traditions, is painted pink inside the ‘pink city’.
If one takes a closer look at the settlement pattern in Jaipur, it offers a whole new perspective of the city and the entire pictures falls into place automatically. The roads cut at right angles and on one road is the ‘Hindu’ settlement and on the other side is the ‘Muslim’ settlement. It becomes more interesting when one sees that the mosque is located inside the hindu settlement and the temple is in the other. Such is the plan of the city that each other respect the others’ practices and approve of it. On the outlook, this must have appeared to be the vulnerability that might be exploited to trigger a crisis. Fortunately it dint happen
The entire attack took place in a stretch of this road at intervals and to inflict maximum damage, the bombs had been planted on alternate sides so that when people take refuge on the other side, they are vulnerable again.

One of the explosions was at this very site, the gate of a hanuman temple.
In spite of everything the city showed remarkable resilience, which, I think, is owing to the unique social structure it has. I managed to get a shot of this person sitting inside the bus. I am not sure what prompted me to click this local teenager (I suppose) but to me his looks seemed to convey a message. Does it to you? Please leave it in the comment


Dan* said...

not only in india but pakistan also

suren said...

true dude.. thats the even more disturbing

Gagan said...

hmm very true !!

Unpretentious Diva/GarGi Dixit said...

I lived in Jaipur for five years during my B Arch from MNIT Jaipur!

It was nice to see those pictures.

t is true that Jaipur city at its own is not divided on issues of Hindu Muslims, and major cause of it can surely be found in the History of jaipur, the city planned by Sawai JaiSinghand designed by Sawai Mansingh!

The friendship of Mansingh and Akbar is well known. so since the centuries of history, Jaipur is a place of friendship between muslims and hindus.

That doesn't fit the bill completely. there are lots of troubles.

Like trouble of Jatt, Meena and Gurrjarrs.

Furthermore, just 45-50 kms away there is TONK, the famous town for the regular hindu-muslim riots.

Agra and Aligarh aren't very far from jaipur, just 5-6 hours run by bus.

so things are not so sound now-a-days as they seem to be.

yet Jaipur is a peacefull city!

anyways I wrote about it here...Sovereign State versus Sovereign Citizen

Have a nice day!

suren said...

true yaaar.. and i must say one thing...this is probably the first time i guess i am seeing u talk more from your heart than your head :)

Raj Rishi said...

really liked reading this one... quite true