short story 2

a part of this story is adapted from an incident which i wrote in my old blog. i am not sure how i am going to fare in this attempt though his is one of my personal favourites. as always, comments/criticisms are welcome.

Dream Come True

He was heading back home. After a busy day’s work, he had been to the railway station to see off a friend who got married recently and consequently relocating to another town. The sky had opened up in the evening drenching the city for about half an hour and it was clearly visible on the pavements. The weather was quite pleasant which made the long ride a bit comfortable and enjoyable. There was an obvious sense of relief running inside him as it was a Friday and he was eagerly looking forward for the weekend.

The phone in his pocket started singing a popular song from the latest flick, when he was a few yards from his house. He pulled it out and simultaneously kicking the side-stand of and switched the head lights off as he put the bike to rest just in front of the gate. When he saw the screen, his face also lit up – it was her. He started walking around the perimeter of the house subconsciously, as the conscious part of his brain was engaged in listening and replying as the discussion ranged from the traffic jam that happened on his way to office in the morning to the friend he had just seen and they finalized the plans for the next day. He hardly paid attention to the call for dinner and gestured to his mom, with the free hand asking his parents to go to bed and they understood the call might be long, given the fact that he is getting married in a couple of months. The next thing he realized was he was on the bed, after about an hour later, fidgeting the TV’s remote control. The TV automatically turned itself off in 15 minutes time as it had been programmed to do so.

It was quarter past midnight and for some strange reason he woke up. It was very rare of him to wake up in the middle of sleep. Sitting on the bed, he felt that something was amiss but was not sure what it was. Puzzled by this unusual behaviour of his, he went to the kitchen for a glass of water. It was when he opened the door for a gasp of fresh air, did he realize what had went wrong. There stood the reality glaringly before his eyes, which made him feel stupid, angry and worried at the same time. As he recollected the turn of events, the mistake became clear. He couldn’t forgive himself for leaving the fortnight old bike, outside the house with the keys still in it and he knew there couldn’t be any rational justification to this gross failure. The dejection was clearly visible in his face as he went to bed again with a million thoughts flashing across his mind. Let alone the other aspects of legal procedures and stuff, he was primarily worried about facing his parents in the morning and more importantly he simply couldn’t digest his own deed. Again, he never knew when he slept though he did not want to.

He was the last person to wake up the next morning. Since it was the weekend, the atmosphere in the house was lazy and relaxed. He sat up on the bed and started recounting the incidents of the night. He felt somebody was entering his room and he could sense it was his dad with the newspaper in his hand. He sat beside him with the coffee mug, discussing about the Friday closing of the stock markets and enquiring him if he was free on the Sunday evening to take him to a relative’s place as he had promised to visit them over the weekend. He was listening absent-mindedly growing more and more confused within. It took him a couple of minutes to realize that everything was a DREAM.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh I never wanna dream about something like this !!!!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh I never wanna dream about something like this !!!!

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Sheesh I never wanna dream about something like this !!!!

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nice post

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hmmm interesting post !!