humanness ?? is it running dry

The Delhi blue line service has been all over the news and not for good reasons always and this incident is also involving a blue line bus but thankfully it has nothing to do with the bus service or those who run it.

A physically handicapped person got into the bus and stood near the seat near the door, the seat that is typically meant for them to avoid any discomfort while boarding or de-boarding. A couple of women were sitting in that seat and its normal for anybody to expect that the seat would be offered to that person, even if it were not marked out. To my surprise, the women were just not interested in taking note of the person standing there. The person after a brief period requested for a seat. It was the reply that made me feel so bad. One of them just turned him down and asked him sit by the side of the driver i.e. on the gearbox. The person went to the extent of even saying that it is written above that the seat is marked out for them and simply they refused to budge. A small argument broke out and the scene did not look nice. The incident lasted for about 2 minutes and when I just couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to end it by offering mine.

Any justification can be extended to this incident to defend their stand, but the simple question is “isn’t there any humanness left?” There is a disabled person standing near you and you are sitting, shouldn’t the natural human instinct direct the person to get up and offer a seat.

This incident may just be an aberration and probably such narrow-minded people are low but then it gave rise to a question in my mind.

Is the world becoming more materialistic and is the humanness tap running dry slowly?

It might not be possible to draw any big conclusions based on this particular event but when correlated with the similar things happening all around the question at least seems to be sensible. Should we consider this to be a normal phenomenon which happens when the society progress given the recent economic boom and the globalization factors? Or is it case of loss of values? Is there somebody who can be held responsible? Is the individual himself/herself?

PS: Nothing personal against anybody nor it is targeted towards any particular section of the society.


rahul said...

it's just a one off incident...there are different types of people everywhere.

suren said...

@rahul i too wish it is just one off !!

PRASANNA G said...

Why are you blaming on people,we all are somewhat like that.

Da Eternal Rebel said...

Sometime somewhere down the lane of changing India into Bharat, we dropped the luggage of human kindness thinking it was too heavy. Although we maybe feeling lighter now but will feel the burden it puts on the soul someday.