love is in the air, literally

Agar aap janna chahte hain kisse hoga apko pyaar aur kya hoga unka naam.  Type PARTNER Date of Birth Eg PARTNER 14021986 & send to 53131. Rs 3-sms.

How intelligent systems have become these days.  A simple date of birth and the capacity to pay Rs.3 can find a partner for u.  Is it the partner? no the message says it will find the name of that person.  Fantastic isn't it?  Even without the very basic information, the systems can predict the course of your life.  I wonder if there is actually somebody out there who would be desperate
enough to know the name of their life partner this way.

If that's not enough, you can even check the compatibilty of a couple.  I am sure this is going to give the marriage counsellors, the astrologers, etc etc, a run for their money.

Pyar k season par hamare Love Guru se janiye kitna gahra hai aap dono me pyar? Type LOVE (ur name) (partner name) eg LOVE ANUJ SANCHI & send to 53131. Rs 3-sms.


Pranay said...

hehe!! the 'totkas' these service providers use to rake in moolah are just uffff!!!
anyws.. nice observation.. most of us would simply get frustrated and delete such messages but u made a post out of it! good!

sourav said...

hmmmm nice but u should have elaborated it...!!

rahul anand said...'s not far when they will they SMS ur 'auspicious' wedding day,only for Rs.3 :)

PSYCHO said...

3 rupees ala get a new life...coming soon

suren said...

@pranay some times frustration turns into creativity na ;) this is one such incidence

@sourav i thot that the rest of my posts are very elaborate and wanted to have this short.. let me c what i do to the next one

@rahul thanks for dropping by... wedding day sounds probable i bet we are heading towards even more good ones... may be the shoe size of the 3rd child

@psycho.. man this is a lil odd write down ur name next time pls :)

Sharat Thakur said...

Good sarcasm. :)

sunny_raju said...

Total bakwas and marketing methods used by service providers to trap rural innocents, they are just making money with such craps. nice post :)

Anonymous said...

they actually have a market for this nonsense man..
horse crapped assholes who are so desperate that they don't mind getting laid with the neighbor's grandma "still roam the surface of this planet in vast numbers".
I wana kill the son of a bitch who developed this msgn service shit. its bloody beyond irritating!

the insider said...

hahaha...a gud one....I hp u havn't tried this out yourself...I havn't either. :p

Gud one..

suren said...

@sharat ... thanks for stopping by buddy.. do revisit..

@sunny .. u bet.. not the rural innocents alone but the target group seems to be a different set of ppl

@upec.. welcome back to bloggin bro...

@the insider... ha ha .. i would rather spend my balance on something worthwhile than this piece of crap but to tell the truth sometimes i m urged to see what crap does the system return.. will post that too when i do ;)