India w(h)ining

(I understand that terms like GDP, Trillion Dollar Economy may not go well with everybody but the basic idea is something else so kindly read till the end and please don't forget to leave your comments)

“Numbers have a significant mass impact” commented a famous economist very recently in one of the leading dailies. It was a comment on India becoming a trillion dollar economy. Wow, India has joined the elite club of 12 countries with a trillion dollar economy. What an achievement. 60 years ago when we won freedom, India was nothing more than a bundle of Princely states which were either siding the British or fighting the British or fighting among themselves. We have achieved something which, the independent US could never have thought of in the first 60 years immediately after their independence.

GDP growing at 8% per annum and we are expecting to take it to a double digit figure pretty soon, a situation which is making everybody to wish be a part of our growth story and it is amply proven by the record inflows of foreign capital into the country. Consequently the Sensex hit the magical 20,000 points mark. Oomph! Sensex climbed nearly 5000 points in a matter of 10 months. Compared with the 12 years it took to go from 100 points to 1000 points … mind-blowing!!!!

The income per head in India too has nearly doubled from Rs. 20,000 in 2001 to Rs. 36,700 in 2007, says another statistical analysis.

The total number of telephones has increased 2 and a half times in just 2 years to 250 million from 102 million in 2005, improving the tele-density from 9.4 to 21.8. It does not seem difficult to reach the target of 500 million by 2010

The most recent figures show that India was the consumer of ¼ of the total mobile phone sales of this quarter in Asia. The figure is an astounding 2.45 crore new handsets sold in this quarter till September 2007 that’s a staggering 15% of global sales.

Great numbers and much more to add. Space research, cricket, software, pharma.. you name it we make our presence felt in that field. Growth across all sectors from economics to pharma to technology is very much visible. Remarkable, truly exhilarating...... but hey did we miss to mention some other figures that are very obvious? something all of us invariably encounter in our daily life.

26% of our total population i.e. roughly 25 crore of the 100 crore people or every 4th person around us is not able to have a square meal per day, everyday, possible. That’s just the figures of the documented number of people who live under abject poverty i.e less than Rs.50 a day and if we are to take into account the numbers of relatively poor (like those who can manage Rs.55) the figure would stand somewhere around 35-40% of the population. Amongst the calorie conscious class who go for green vegetables instead of fried food in order to cut down the number of calories consumed per day, are people who find it almost impossible to afford the required 2400 calories per day for mere sustenance and survival. In simple words it means a quarter of the population is living below poverty line(BPL)with reference to global standards. These figures too are mind boggling!!!!
The costliest land deal ever in India, a whopping Rs.2700 crore shelled out by 3 leading companies for buying real estate in Mumbai, to build office complexes and parking lots. Such a huge quantum of money locked in hardly 25 hands, if redirected, could easily feed those 26% for minimum 100 days that is at a rate Rs.100 a day. The point is, when 3 corporates could shell out that much money, is the government short of funds to effectively run a poverty alleviation program ? What are we doing?????

Someone famous once said “there are three kinds of lies in this world. Lies, damned lies and statistics”. Should we wonder which of the above statistics is truth and which is a lie? (I wish the figures in the latter half are lies! ) or if they are true, who is responsible for those figures ?
India is not short of resources of any kind be it financial or technical nor we are short of able planners and administrators. But there remains a small gap between the resources and beneficiaries which needs to be bridged. The gap is small and obviously visible but a complex mixture of many attributes, which eventually turn out to be individual specific precisely of those who are in power !


Ragamalika, Malik, Rags, wateva! said...

The 'men in power', our dear politicians, are busy playing politics. They're either crying out in the name of ideology, just crying not doing anything else, or making claims of 'India Shining'. They need a wake up call... And so do we, who vote them in...

suren said...

things would have been slightly better if somebody had stuck to their ideology. the situation is so precarious that ppl are ready to change ideology overnight for obvious gains.... some serious tweaking needs to be done !

GaufireSpeaks said...

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