Chennai week

Well... its my penultimate day in chennai of this visit and the count down to return back to preparations has already begun. I thought i would put in brief about the week long stay in home.

* This time around, I happend to see my younger brother after a long time ( about an year ). Though i am not the emotional one, seeing him after such a long time was a happy thing.

* Bought some really good books ( not texts of course) from the scrap dealer and still haven't started even one book ( hoping to finish atleast one, during the train journey back to delhi)

* The attempt to open a new bank account ended up rather comically or humiliating should i say ? Something had forced the pretty lady in the bank to question me if i was a major( more than 18 yrs of age and not the military major) I am not able to make out what exactly made her ask such a question. Was it my appearance, which i believe can be the reason only if the person is half blind or was it my approach towards her or was it simply due to the fact i took my mother with me ( but still i am a mom's boy).

*Paying a formality to many a relative, that too in the blistering chennai heat, was a rather boring job. Thought i generally like to visit them once in a while, this time it was not a very pleasant experience. Blame it on the summer or otherwise. One common reaction i got in every house was that i had lost weight(ya true.. i had shed about 6 kgs in the past 5 months.. not a huge amount but now i satisfy BMI norms). I am still wondering if their contention was i lost " weight" or "i" lost weight.

*The family dinner after really a long time was surely a night to remember. The ambience in the restaurant and the staff dressed in traditional attire was something new and unique.

Finally today--

*shopping thru the morning and almost the entire afternoon. Goods ranging from hair care stuff to clothing to tooth brush and a whole lot of useless crap too... not to forget my new pair of shoes :D.

* a dinner to remember with my friend. the chineese restaurant which was evading my visit since its inception in the neighbourhood, finally fell vicitim to my hunger. I did not disappoint me in the end and has surely won a second visit from me the next time i come to chennai.

By the time i finish this blog, it is already past midnight and sunday has arrived according to my computer's clock. Another 20 odd hours of stay left in chennai and would basically go in getting my bag's ready. ( yes i have not yet started packing my things and i am used to doing it in the eleventh hour) .

So Delhi, here i come again to trouble u for another 5 odd months and see what u have got in your bag to offer me this time aournd.


muthu said...

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