Booking tickets for the future

Though having lived in Noida for about 7 months now, i have never ventured far into this place. My places of visit were really limited rather, i never had the necessity to venture out.  But this time around, as i am doing nothing useful, i decided to get the tickets, for a tirp to home booked myself.  

I reached the railways booking office at around 10 am and finding the place was not really tough. The very first impression i got was that the place is filthy and stinky, far worse than i had expected.  Assuming that there would be a passenger information system in the office, i dint note down the required details to fill the form, expect for a vague idea about the train number and unfortunately, the PIS was not to be found anywhere.  I decided to try my luck with numerous wall hangings, which had the train details but in vain.  I then realised that there is infact an enquiry counter but that also had a long queue. With no other choice left, i stood in queue, only to find that the person who should be handling the enquiry counter, is not in his seat. Luckily, the wait for my turn was not too long and i got my details conformed.

With the form filled now, i had to choose from the 5 other queues for booking.  There wasn't much of a difference in the number of people in each of the queues and choice of queue dint seem to matter.  I took one of them, and had my tickets booked soon.  

The entire process had left me exasparated but when i looked back of the days happenings, i realised that may be this is the best way to cater the people who are not computer literate and the the PIS would not have served a miniscule amount of the purpose it is meant for besides i would end up needing a repair once in a week.  Ironically, the other side of the city, barely 2 Kms from away, the city is filled with the offices of some of the top notch IT companies in the world, the choicest restaurants, every other retail store and luxury shopping.

As for the journey, for which i had booked tickets, is going to be one of the most important one in my life.  With the prelims around the corner, i have to decide what is gonna be my further plans and where i would end up after the exam.  From this perspective, this particular trip is going to provide answers for a variety of questions which is already in my mind and hopefully a lot of 
other questions which are likely to crop up during the due course of finding answers for them.

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Marlee said...

terrible isn't it? :-I thats all that I have got to say!

All the best with the "exams"