Well, today turned out to good day at the end as i was expecting a big disaster to happen. Though the disaster did happen, the magnitude was far less than i had predicted and infact it has boosted my morale up by considerable marigin. :p all this philosphical touches are flowing from my mind, through my fingers, into the key board blah blah... hehe.. yes, indeed, i had a test today infact 2 of them. Morning was the optional subject and afternoon was the general studies paper.

Having decided to compelete studying a good chunk of the syllabus within a stipulated time this month, i ended up restructing the room to create a studious atmoshpere, only to watch more tv and sleep during the day-time. Although i realised that one night's stand before the exam would not suit UPSC, its pretty hard to break the pattern which i had been following with immaculate precision, to crack all those exams i had come thru my life till date. Given these circumstances, i proceeded with blind faith to take up the test, with the sole aim of not getting a sub zero score and anything else would be just fine.

In the end, i had done geography reasonably well ( i am not able to figure out how...... may be the question paper was easy or the 5 1/2 months classroom sitting is paying off to some extent.. god only knows ) and the general studies paper a little better than what i had expected. Whatever be the outcome, these tests have boosted my confidence,( in the sense that, if this was the paper not only me, many would end up doing badly :P)and strength. It has let loose an euphoria around me that i my mind doesn't intend to touch the books for another couple of days, inspite of the fact that the next test is just a fortnight away. Despite having decided to take stringent measures to compelete the remaining of the syllabus before it, i am quite aware that the aforesaid sequence of events are sure to happen this time too.(about which i will write in a week's time). For now, i have kept myself busy with a new pass time errrr. .. it shud be time waste, in the form of reading the entries of the orkut scrap book ( yours or your friends' or your secret crush or wateva) which had been entered a couple of years ago. Sounds silly na...!!!!! but try it, its worth trying


Marlee said...

well im hoping u get thru...ur time pass activity is precisely why i delete all my scraps! :-p

Surendran said...

@marlee ... let ur words come true and i will transform your wildest dreams to reality