Food for thought

    I should admit that these day i do watch a lot of tv than i used to before, particularly after the previous test. May be i am getting tired of studies or worse a sense of complacency has crept in into me. But i guess i have overcome it and getting back to studies now, only a couple of days lie between me and the second test. Nevertheless, 12 hours a day study is not going to assure me of clearing the exam and i also don't regret what i am doing.

        These days, there is a lot of buzz about the changing food habits and its effects on the lifestyle of a person. Every other day, some tv channel or the other airs a program on food or lifestyle and there comes a dietitian or doctor and gives tips regarding the food habits and their impacts on living. Some common ones - avoid coffee as it contains caffeine which is not good for health. Avoid junk food because they are not typical Indian ones and their ingredients do not match with our traditional food and the body might not accept it properly. Avoid fried items as they contain trans fat ( some new discovery) , which might lead to heart burn and eventually may lead to cancer. On the whole, they increase the chances of diabetes, cholesterol, heart attack. Sounds really scary sometimes, when you get to watch them. Avoid aerated drinks, the one which has taken the worst beating and termed as poison or pesticide. ( may be if we have a 2nd green revolution, we should try out this new pesticide.)

     Given these, how much practical is it to follow these. If we are to follow these, the only way is to almost, stop eating outside and depend only on home made food for our survival. No more coffee day, no more pizza hut, no more marry brown, no more dominos, no samosas, no coffeee, no pizzas, no burgers, no french fries........ I believe it is only a matter of time before the researchers would find some fault with food cooked at home and sooner or later they would prescribe a diet which would match our ancestors (ie) eating only green leaves and vegetables, straight from the trees and plants. That would be food sans fun.

     Much better option would be development of some pills, which would provide one with all the required essential vitamins, minerals etc etc. It would have many advantages - it would be hygienic, one can avoid the time wasted towards cooking and eating, it saves water, it saves electricity and also is environment friendly because it doesn't leave behind any garbage. A prototype of this tablet is already in existence and i believe astronauts carry them during their space missions, but the fact that Sunita Williams has carried a pack of samosas with her should not be forgotten. Isn't these changing food habits a part of the human evolution ? And can't human body, which had adapted itself to the changing habits of the human race over 200o years, tackle this ? Come what ever, i am not ready to sacrifice the fun associated with them even if its going to claim a year or two of my life...... after all, what is life without fun!!!