finally i have successfully over come the procrastination, which had prevalied for a week or so and decided to scribble something today and with the cricket world cup underway, i thought i would write a 2nd post on cricket.

     India's exit ( i prefer not use any exaggerating adjective here given the team's performance in the recent times, plainly speaking i dint have higher hopes), had made many lose their interest in the world cup. The death of Bob also came as a blow and of late, the array of issues which have been
dogging Indian cricket.  Given these circumstances, coupled by a trip to Chennai ( where there is no Max Channel), i thought i  had lost the interest i had for cricket, for good reasons atleast at this point of time.

     Today's morning newspapers read that it was a W.I vs S.A match today and is a crucial match.  I was not particularly interested in it.  Around 6.30 pm i switched
on the idiot box and was doing the usual fidgeting with the remote control when this match caught my eye.  After 10 mins i found myself positioning on the couch with a bottle of water and sufficient supply of chewing gums, ready to watch the game.  It was then i realized the deep truth in the statement of one of the advertisers after India's so called debacle, which read " we have advertised for the game cricket and not for 'men in blue' ".   Next to hinduism, i guess cricket has the second largest following in India and cricket has 
definitely not lost its charm, atleast with me.

    But there is one thing which has lost its charm in this world cup.  The once bubbly and much
sought after Mandira Bedi and her hosting skills are nothing better than pathetic.  Despite she
dressed in designer clothes and her co host, the lanky charming Charu Sharma, who is dressed in
trendy Louis Philipe wardrobe, their screen chemistry, due to some reason, is just looking very
miserable to me.  Blame it on India's bad performance or the climate of the carribean or simply she might be home sick, to me they both appear like victims of sibling rivalry.

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Gugan said...

hey!!now mandira bedi is embroiled in another issue.she's under criticism from sikh community for having a tatoo of Eik omkara,considered holy for sikhs,on her back.
whether indian cricket team grabs the limelight or not,mandira does it!!