A day to remember in Cricket's history

Neither Chappel ( a cricketing genius of his times and still is), the much feared "Sultan of Multan", the respected "Wall", the newly found and so called depth in the Indian batting line up, the balanced team that "Team India" was (may be is), the trump card this world cup that India had in the form of a person who has been scoring 98 runs every 100 balls he plays (read Dhoni) nor the special puja's and yagna made for Team India to bring back the cup to India or the blue billion campaign has helped India to score a win over Bangladesh. Poor performance by the batsmen, no assistance for seamers from the wicket, some boys are out of form, the decision to bat first after winning the toss was wrong, guruji's (yeah its chappel) plans erred somewhere could be some of the innumerable reasons which can be counted upon for explaining India's loss or better Bangladesh's win over India(positivist approach is what guruji has recommended).

The instances of a relatively weaker team beating a team which is better off, is not an entirely new phenomenon, as cricket is a game of uncertainty and filled with surprises and thus India's loss is one such happening. But this particular loss has raised some intriguing questions, which need to be looked upon in greater detail.

Every individual has ups and downs, be it in life or in sport, and Shewag running into a bad patch is completely acceptable. But, in a match which begins India's quest for the title of world champions, if not smashing the ball to the stands and set the ground on fire, he could have at least tried to stick to the basics, which surely would have given much better results. Another aspect is that the team which claims to have some of the finest players of spin bowling ( in fact three players with more than 10K international runs) and some of the highest individual runs scorers, there was an obvious struggle to face a disciplined bowling by the Bangladeshi spin bowlers( and they need to be commended for their effort). Even scoring run a ball seemed to be an uphill task at one point of time. The aggression shown by a 17 year old lad, in coming down hitting 2 sixes of Zaheer's bowling, somehow seemed dint appear at any stage of the game of a team, which has already won the world cup once and has loads of experience of dealing the most difficult situations of the game, in its bag, only never to be taken out and applied in a game (may be if some corporate agrees to sponsor that also, we might see it out one day). Even if we accept the fact that there was an disappointment with the bat, what was shown with the ball was all the more worse.

Pakistan's fate in the hands of a debutant team was no better but worse. They have a new set of reasons to explain their predicament, in the form a team dogged with doping problems, few key players missing out the game due to match ban and injuries, the old horses failed to deliver so on and so forth. But, the fact they suffered a humiliating defeat ( not very unacceptable i guess ) should be an unforgettable incident in history.

Whatever be the reasons, here are two great teams, teams which had and has some of the all time greats of the game and has the capacity to produce many more in times to come, teams which had made history by winning many games, which has now again made history by suffering the worst defeats, if not in terms of play, i would say in terms of an approach towards the game. Both the teams still have a couple of reasons to feel slightly better over the other. Though the chances are slim, India still has a slight ray of hope left to qualify to the next stage at least. On the other hand, Pakistan, despite fact that they are not going to qualify to the next round, can have some peace of mind because they need to depend on other teams performing or not performing well, to decide their chances of qualifying.

May be the blue billion campaign is not very powerful with only a few players in it and i guess if more players had participated in "Ooh aah India, Aa ya India", we would have had brighter chances of qualifying if not easily, convincingly atleast.