Last weekend i saw a good movie..........

-> The leading lady is the daughter of a wealthy business man.
-> The handsome hero is a ordinary middle-class person(bestowed with good drawing skills).
-> They both happen to meet while traveling.
-> The lady is engaged to another rich man and her fiancee also accompanies her.(eventually happens to be the villain)
-> Fed up with the rich but shallow life the lady proceeds to commit to suicide and the hero saves her.
-> Despite the fact that the lady merely considers her fiancee as a friend but not a suitable husband her uncaring mother pushes for the marriage for financial security, to maintain their current lavish lifestyle.
-> Though both are attracted towards each other, the heroine is inclined to ignore their growing affection because of her engagement and social standings. But eventually she offers her heart.
-> Not able to digest the relationship between the two, the fiancee/villain frames the hero for stealing and tries to dispose him off.
-> When the beautiful lady is perplexed there is an unexpected twist in the story and everybody's life is in grave danger.
-> The two men tried to save the life of the lady who refused to take the help and preferred to stay with the hero.
-> The villain who does not have a true love escapes from the danger.
-> In the quest to save the lady's life, our hero sacrifices his life and finally saves her.

How many films with the same storyline have we come across so far.....?? but, this particular movie, which made me write this blog is a little different(may be in most of the movies which we had seen, either the hero kills the villain or being a broad minded person, lets the villain unhurt but rarely the hero dies). The sound track of this movie sold more than 27 million copies. The movie also holds the record for the highest-grossing movie of all time in the worldwide box office. Most of all, having been nominated in 14 categories, it won 11 OSCARS and the movie is TITANIC.....

Though the storyline seems to be very familiar with us, the flawless re-creation of the legendary ship has blurred the line between reality and illusion to such a degree that we can't be sure what's real and what isn't. It's as if they had built an all-new Titanic, let it sail, then sunk it.

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Gayatri said...

titanic definetely was a cut above the rest of them mushy movies..

i was 10 years old when it was released.. and i cried to my sister for 1 WHOLE week asking her.. but why did the hot boy die..? why didnt that stupid chick die instead..

flawlessly made flick indeed.. can watch it at least 10 times more before i get sick of it.. *grin grin*