when situation demands...........

"bhaiya shah jahan road jayengae"
"aap ke paas paanch so ke kullae hai..?"
"bhaiya aas paas koi photo studio hai..?"
"kithnae dhoor idar say.?"
"eh khan market kaisa chalna..?"
"aree pandra rupya leno na..?"
"thoda aagae chalo ..?"

I am still wondering how these statements came out from my mouth. Though it may not be linguistically correct, it was a major stride forward in my progress towards our national language.

Having decided finally to submit the UPSC application, i started my journey from home. I knew very little about my destination but banked it on a person who promised to pick me from the metro station. On reaching the metro station, i found that the promise has disappeared like the early morning fog had in the sunshine, fog being the promise and sunshine being his aunt whom my dear friend had to pick up( mind that i was on time but an hour after i had promised) and so i had nobody but myself to blame.

I was resolute to submit the application, come whatsoever. I started my quest with an auto driver, who, though not clear about the place i asked for, was able to successfully decipher the broken Hindi i spoke and after a simple struggle i reached the gate, behind which stood the building where the hopes of the numerous aspirants was visible, me being one of them.

It is very unlike me if i had done something pucca and 100% without any error. In proof of this statement, i realised that i had forgotten to paste my photograph in the application. **** from here on please incorporate the so called hindi statements wherever u feel it fits ****. With the help of a shopkeeper, i was able to figure out that there was a place called Khan nagar somewhere in the vicinity and i would be able to find a photo studio there. I decided to try my luck and proceeded towards the place i was told. After a couple other hindi interactions with some citizens of India, i finally arrived at the market place( it was really a nice place to shop but make sure u carry enough reserves. The advertisements about every other article makes one feel one wants it, though many don't really know what they really want). Though lady luck was on my side in finding the market place, she had taken a lunch break when i was searching for the photo studio. My hindi skills took me to photostat shops instead of a photo studio. However, a security guard was able to decode my hindi and i finally, i was standing before a photo studio after a struggle of 30 mins. ( i later realised that had i taken the next road i would have landed in the studio in less than 3 min, blame luck..!!!).

The job at the photo studio was much simpler as people there spoke English and made my job simpler. However, i was on a high speaking hindi for so long that i went to the guy who was fidgeting with the computer and spoke a few words and as expected he wrongly understood what i meant. Out of the shop i came and was clutching a cover with snaps, a symbol of success in my expedition. Back i came to the UPSC office and went to the post office counter only to find that it was now their turn to take a lunch break. A wait of another 20 mins and a couple of small procedures made my job complete. "Bhaiya(without any consideration for the age, the safest word in hindi) rail bavan thak janae..??" the last hindi words i spoke today. "bees rupiya" came the reply. In a matter of 20 mins i found myself sitting at a unoccupied seat, listening to a lecture which might be of no consequence, after a brief struggle of getting through the seats and disturbing the peace of a couple who had found solace in the class room.

Though i knew little hindi and even little about delhi, the experience of my visit to the upsc office has given me greater hopes. At the end of the day, i was beaming with confidence and i am sure i can crack, if not the upsc examination, atleast the city of delhi for sure.!!!

Last but not the least, the Paapdi chat i ate outside the office in a small gap in my hectic and adventurous schedule was simply awesome and it was the only place which dint disappoint me in my entire day as i got what i wanted and how i expected it.