The star wedding

Two stars of the tamil film industry Surya ( the darling of many girls ) tied the knot to Jo aka Jothika ( a good actress btw ). Both of them are really good performers on the screen and the lead pair in many hit movies paired in real life too. So nice to hear

The next day all the three inboxes were filled with the marriage photos of the wedding. And when i logged into orkut i can see many profile photo's have been replaced with photos from the wedding and also the albums were filled with the photos. Most of the popular TV channel news had the news about this wedding.

The day of the wedding was a very aspicious day according to the tamil calenders and there were numerous weddings on that particular day. I happened to attend a wedding in a hall which was close to the vadapazhani temple. The temple alone had 156 weddings inside it. People from far across the state had come to the temple for getting married, accompanied by their friends and relatives.

The place was thronged with ppl on that day. Traffic was diverted. Instead of reaching the temple in 100 meters through the road, we were divereted to travel an extra 2kms to same temple. Finding a parking slot was another nightmare. Luckily we managed to sneak the car in front of closed shop believing that the shop wil remain closed for the day ( and fortunately it did ). In and around the temple there were about 160 marriages and virtually the traffic had come to a stand still. I have never seen so many people in one place on any ocassion ( guess there might have been 5000 ppl ) filled in the two streets between which the temple was placed.

Surprisngly not even a word about this was not up in the TV channels neither they seem care to bother about the difficulties the public faced on that day, but the marriage of two cinema stars, for which not many were invited due a alleged terror threat. A wedding which might have had 500 odd ppl was filled with all security measures while the place which had more than 5000 ppl din have even half of the security given to the star wedding.

The media is very much intersted in the star wedding rather than bringin to light what the common man faced on that day and

most interstingly in the press meet after the star wedding, the press was intersted to find out whether surya and jo will still live in the joint family or move to a seperate house..!!!!!

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RaShI said...

i so agree!!media today give what ppl like to see!!and ppl just take it!!media has forgotten its primary duty of informing public opnion and showing facts as they are!!unfortunately!!responsible citizens can change every thing!!