A True Incident in my life

Recently the sky opened up in chennai. So did the roads after the showers. I had to drop a relative, who was going back to the native, at the railway station. After getting a word of caution from my friend about the road condition, i proceeded with my journey to the station. The ticket counter was crowded as usual and after a long wait of 45 mins, i sucessfully got the ticket handed it over and started my drive back home.

At about 9.45 in the night the city was unusually calm. I have been around the city many times at that time previously but that particular day seemed unusually silent or may be it appeared so to me. There was not much traffic on the road and i reached my place pretty quickly.

Upon reaching home i parked my bike and rang the door bell. As mom opened the gates, dad handed me the cordless phone. The call was from my close friend and i was talking with him for some time. While with the phone in hand i had changed clothes, did a face wash and had my dinner tooo. Dint i say i talked with him for some time..... The to and fro bike journey had burnt out every muscle in my body and i wanted to hit the sack asap. As i was preparing myself to sleep i bid bye to my friend, shtudown my comp etc and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Suddenly in the middle of the night something from inside prompted me to get up immediately. Confused, i got up and i realised that I HAVE LEFT MY BIKE WITH THE KEYS IN IT, OUTSIDE THE GATES. The sheer thought sent a chill down my spine. Within a fraction of a second, i was out of bed and opened the doors without a slightest noise only to see my bike MISSING.

Not having the courage to wake my parents at that time, i silently went to back to bed. The bike which had been an integral part in my life is no more with me. I dint know how i would face my parents the next day. Thousands of thoughts ran across my mind. I din want the night to end and wanted dawn to be postponed. I din know how and when i slept.

The next morning, it was my dad who woke me up. I got up and sat puzzeled in my bed. I took me a couple of minutes to realise that everything was jus a DREAM


Pavithra said...

Gud one suren.. gettin better by the day;).. hope u hav many more such dreams to keep us entertained!! lol...

Prahalathan said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha

RaShI said...

aww!!i understand i too wud have shuddered if it had been my cell!