Serial Killers

Switch on the television any time and u can find a serial ( mega serial ) being telecasted in atleast one of the tamil tv channels. It may be a regular episode or the retelecast of the one which had been played the night before.

Countless serials are being produced and telecasted these days and the revenue from them is also so good. These serials make the housewife hooked in front of the television and no wonder the advertisements targeted towards the household are nearly fighting for a chance for being telecasted during the show. In the 30 min time slot, the serial's content ia hardly worth half the time.

Though many mega serials are being telecasted the story line seems to be the common factor in most of them. Some of the popular themes which are followed in most of the serials these days are

women sufferage

The main lead or the lead pair wil be subjected continuous troubles by the villain and the lead successfully negotiates all the troubles and comes out with flying colours. Atleast one serial per channel will be of this sort.

In one of the serials, the mom and her three daughters all have marriage failures, everybody has split from their husbands or din get married. Their family is targeted by the troublemakers from all fronts and still they manage to fight out their way out. The good part is that she shows courage to fight out the evils but then why should she be portrayed as a sufferer for most of her life time. People justiy their stand stating that wat they show is what is happening in the world and reality but why cant the happenings which are good be convyed through their serial. Why cannot be the raise in the cement and steel prices be shown and how it reflects on the life of a civil engineer and the workers be shown instead of showing how a murder is being committed and how the murderer plans his escape.

Though it is jus another serial repeated exposure to this kind of concept might well have an influence on the lives of the viewer. Even worse if the viewer is a child. The chances of being influenced are high.(somehow human beings get influenced by the bad things rather than the good ones ) Not to say that all serials are like that, there have been a few execellent serials in the past and even in the present but then they are quite a few in number.

What has happened to the other genres of comedy, action, historical, patriotic, thirller, suspense etc.. Have they been forgotten by the makers..????

Though money making is the motto of everybody, it wil be a lot better if the makers have a bit of social responsibility and change their products a little bit. If they can understand the fact that there are so many people who can get influenced from the play and if they can act with a little amount of social responsibility, the serials can be an effective medium of conveying messages to the people. Unlike movies which is a three hour issue, these have a greater exposure over ppl typically for a few years and can well be effective.


Prahalathan said...

IAS mudichittu edavadu CBFC andha madiri poyidunga. We will kill all serials

RaShI said...

be glad the phenonmena of ekta kapoor hasnt reached yr house!!