As Fifa draws to a close ( Blessing in disgusie )

One month of footbal action is getting over today.... Fifa 2006 had many intersting turnarounds... The big names in the world of football went down, players criticised and the refreeing was also a topic of discussion. Whatever, the final clash is going to happen tonight between two really deserving teams.

Thanks to chennaities who readily accepted the conditional access system (CAS) for viewing paid channels, while the rest of India decided to protest against it and had it withdrawn.

Under the tag of fifa, i was enjoying ESPN, star sports for about a month and so now a little sad that fifa is coming to a close.

While the football matches happening in the night, the mornings were filled with classic cricket matches, the srilankan tour etc from cricket

The chennai viewer who doesn have a set-top box is lucky because the wimbeldon closely followed up with the fifa and thank god they both end on the same day.

F1 championships also occured in this time period and the f1 lovers were also blessed.

Vow........ now do we thank SCV for giving us the opportunity to see these sports actions or do we blame them for having enforced the conditional access system and thereby blessing us with the act of missing the important sports action.

maybe the one month telecast of fifa is a marketing ploy to make the user long for sports action and buy the set-top boxes................ god only knows


Prahalathan said...

Conspiracy theory huh? So did you fall for CAS?

Surendran said...

i dont have a set top box over the idiot box... somebody sponser me one please..!!!!